I am an interdisciplinary artist working in the realms of sculpture, painting, and performance. I was raised in the rural Northern California town of Marysville and live in San Francisco. I’ve studied architecture, performance, and fine art at the University of California, Davis. 
      I make hyperbolic nonfiction to present truth as beauty. My work is influenced by both the Arte Povera and Judson Church movements, where in a work is presented from its relation to reality, humanity, and memory. By choreographing elements of the commonplace, I aim to translate banality to profundity. I maintain a sense of relevance to the human experience. This familiarity allows a sense of intimacy, vulnerability, and catharsis. 
     I work at the interstice of performance and sculpture, the animate and inanimate. I aim to unify these fields within my research. I utilize my experiences within performance to develop a personification and presence for sculpture. My performed work exists as inhabited installations. It is depictions of insincere pious acts, difficult moments of a sincere struggle, and intersected with mundane poetic moments at the boundaries of fiction and reality.
     The making of art is an attempt to cultivate meaning. Its an inherent drive to transform our experiences into something greater; aesthetically, symbolically, or spiritually. In a way art is a loosely religious realm. By relying on the contextual reverence of the art realm, we can focus our gaze on prosaic moments and valuate their relevant worth to the complex human experience. My work operates in that gaze, in that need for mattering, in that art religion.