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"Shelter for Heavy Rains" was presented as part of "DEMO", a group exhibition at the Ridge Hotel by #* Collective in Oakland, CA 2016

"DEMO" was an exhibition about the community of the Ridge Hotel, an SRO that serves as a last resort before homelessness. The collective met with the community and learned of their experiences and struggles with systemic poverty and oppression as a result of their race, health, history, and ability. The collective artists imbued work with a human sentiment and depicted the aspirations and difficulties resulting from the dissonance present within urban life. The exhibit performs as a physical manifestation of sincere moments of anxiety and compassion and serves to signify the voice of the immediate community. "DEMO" is both a demolition and demonstration of the human experience. "Shelter for Heavy Rains" is comprised of sheet glass, human hair, found jewelry, and a glass of water. The work exists as a "shelter" held together by delicate means of connection. If a connection were to slip or break or if the work were to move within a minutia the entirety would be destroyed.  It is a commentary on the systems of poverty within the Bay Area that perpetuate homelessness. The work exists between performance and sculpture, impermanence and permanence, and serves to demonstrate how something as solid as a building can be gone so quickly.