"Glossolalia" is an excerpt from "Phantasmaglorian Discourse" an installation and choreography work that was created by Tyler Eash at the Shawl Anderson Dance Center Artist in Residence Program in Berkeley, CA 2014.  "Glossolalia" was selected by "Movement Research" to perform at Judson Church, NY. 2015

"Phantasmaglorian Discourse" was performed at SADC with original music composition by Edward Ferrero and Bobby Day. A cast of international dancers and performers included Shaunna Vella, Elizebeth Randall, Elizabeth Ottenheimer, Leah Hendrix-Smith, Harmony Negrin, Bounheuang Lithavone, Brice Taupin, and Tyler Eash. "Glossolalia" was performed by Elizebeth Randall and Tyler Eash.

The work explores the rituals of loss and prayer. "Phantasmaglorian Discourse" was deeply informed by Tyler Eash's rural religious upbringing in the Pentecostal church, where glossolalian episodes (speaking in tongues) existed as the most extant form of performance. The work depicted imagery of burial, actions of prayer, and fears of the inevitability of death.