Vessel Versus_Eash
vessel versus_I_Eash

"Vessel Versus" was created in collaboration with artist Nathalie Brilliant. It was performed within "Mechanism" a performance exhibition featuring interdisciplinary works by Tyler Eash, Nathalie Brilliant, Peter Kalisch, and Todd McQuade. Mechanism was supported by Safehouse Arts. San Francisco, CA 2016

"Vessel Versus" explores the conflicting relationships between formalism and content, reality and profundity, and the object and body. It reverses methods of display and presentation between performance and exhibition, refocusing our gaze on the “presence” of objects and the “form” of the body. The work presents both objects and bodies as vessels that are to be filled with narrative, prose, and content. It employs the contextual art realm as a way of imbuing neutral objects with value, poeticism, and reverence. Vessel Versus is the performance of an exhibition. It is a presentation of idealistic art thinking.  It is an act of pointing and an assessment of the value of an act or object in relation to the human experience. 

A flower has a function

A flower is a flag

A flower exists to make love alone

A flower makes love as a means of existing

A flower is signage for bees, fornicating through third parties

A flower has intent, some lilies bloom at night, white to reflect the moon

A flower is survival, evolution, desperation against the absolution

A flower blooms early when in strife

A flower is a body

A vase is ornament alone.

A vase is an object, an artifact to be revered

A vase is formalism

A vase is mesmerizing, the glimmer of want

A vase is glamorous

A vase is displayed empty

A vase is a corpse

A vessel contains

A vessel holds, its use is implied by its content

A vessel is prose but also fact and force

A vessel is content, nonfiction reports of history of action

A vessel is literature, a confession of unveiled thoughts

A vessel is human

A vessel is a body

A vessel is a vase

A vase can contain

A vessel can function as ornament

A vase can aspire to become a vessel

A vessel can be displayed

A vase can be broken

A vessel can be revered

A body is passive

A body retains

A body is a vessel for self

A body is not preserved

A body is ephemeral

A body is a flower

A body is not a vase

We must function as flowers, beauty as a necessity of existence

We must propagate idea as a means to procreate

We must make art as a way of existing

We must be a flag

There is a function to ornament

There is a function to making flags

There is a function to making art

There is a function to flowers