Approaching Twilight_Eash
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I am without weight. an attempt at flight, jump off a cliff and become mist, to be missed. waterfall, waterfall.

“Waterfall, waterfall” is not performed. It is an attempt to imbue the inanimate with a soul. The works question whether it’s possible to document the experience of the human body with artifacts and accessories of the self. The exhibition becomes an idealistic realm in which the void is granted focus to become the subject. The work hints at space to allow us to unify the content of a work with the idea of a soul. Elements of the body are translated into art objects, further transposing identity between the animate and inanimate while creating visual depictions of aging, growth, and sensuality. These works are aligned in progressions of degradation or evolution, implying a sense of fruition or decay. The exhibition serves to document extant moments of time in relation to the body and self to act as a preserved performance. "Osmogenesia", the odor of sanctity, the holy scent of dead saints, was used to imply a soul and scent the void. By studying religious historic texts regarding the scent, a perfume was created that unified the holy idealistic (rose, chamomile, white flower), the realistic (acetate), and the pessimistic (earth and smoke) scents of death. The perfume was infused into a large travertine and wax work and worn by those attending.