Evidence of Subduction_Eash

Upcoming Solo Exhibition "Full Moon in the Daytime",  R/SF Projects DEC 9-JAN 15, 1050 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA.




The Moon is dead,

The soil has been silvered. The corpse has been chromed. It is a futuristic mirror reflecting the evidence of tomorrow’s light.

The Moon lives in the future

The Moon is most real when we do not interrupt it, when we are as a third party, witnessing conversation.

The Moon is reanimated

We have touchstones of the future other. The Moon is the reanimation ignited by the sun, it is a possession of light, it is a possession, it is our possession.

The Moon is a Ghost

The apparition appears to us the “non-fiction” at the periphery of our hemisphere in blatant day. When the moon approaches apogee. When it becomes most dimmed, it interjects in the day. Brief fiction.

The Moon is living in the present

At dawn the mirror dims, we lose our possession, our future other. The Moon is the closest thing we have, it is a brother. It is easy to forget the dead if they do not warm you.

The Moon is living

For our love of stars, we block the dead moon, not allowing its reanimation, its future self. Only idealists believe in ghosts, those looking towards the future.

The Moon is trying to stay alive

Yet we sleep at night, yet we confine our vision to the light we feel on our skin.

The Moon is dying

But in death it reveals itself to the living, fiction in non-fiction, the future other, a Full Moon in the Daytime.